Traveling has become a modern day trend in the lives of many people around the world. Day in and out, people travel for leisure, business, visit, touristical mission and any other activities depending on the client’s interest.

The Travel & Tourism course deals with the calculations and issuance of air fares for clients, the pricing of fares for business, leisure touristical and corporate bodies. The form of payment used to purchase tickets and the geographical phase in the world.

The travel & tourism course also deals with the organization of tours, how to design a tour package for groups of tourists or groups on touristical missions. Such tour package includes ferries, cruises, beach resorts and other tourist sites.

It is an internationally awarded DIPLOMA (IATA/UFTAA) programme. It has therefore been designed to all who would like to work in a Travel & Tour agency as a travel agent or tour operator. It is also suited for those who would eventually open a Travel & Tour Agency or would like to work in the Airline Industry as a Ticketing Agent.