1. 1. There is an attendance requirement at the Institute and failure to attend classes regularly may lead to failure of your programme.
  2. All students are expected to be in good standing for the duration of their programmes and may be withdrawn from the Institute for unsatisfactory academic work or gross misconduct. Notice will be served.
  3. The Institution has a prescribed uniform for all students. The attire is White/Blue shirt (short or long sleeve but not “blouse”) with a pair of Blue/Black Trouser of Jeans. Each student is required to dress professionally and officially as an Aviation/Airline staff. No “fanciful and provocative” way of dressing is allowed in the Institute.
  4. Any students seen in any form of “fanciful and provocative” way of dressing contrary to what has been described in this condition will be sent home immediately.
  5. The Institute’s La’ Coste and a pair of jeans are worn only on Fridays or the last day of your lectures.
  6. All students are to handle the Institute property with the needed care especially with the Manuals, Tact Books and the Pat Books. Any lost or damages to these properties are subject to payment by the student(s) involved.
  7. Students are to accord the lecturers and other working staff the needed respect and cooperation, for any insubordination will not be tolerated.
  8. All tuition fees must be paid or 80{a6d054916d012fdad24bdb4709d6a2e8061ff8596bf36588c14a2b538eed8b33} down payment when submitting the Admission Form and the remaining balance paid in four (4) weeks time from the day programme commences. Please note: All remaining tuition fees should be settled before any payment of external exam fee. In other case the remaining tuition fees shall be deducted from the external exams fees when paying.
  9. Tuition fees once paid and receipt issued out will not be REFUNDED.
  10. In a situation whereby there is a delay in commencement of the programme on the institute part and a student cannot wait but will like to withdraw, 35-40{a6d054916d012fdad24bdb4709d6a2e8061ff8596bf36588c14a2b538eed8b33} will be refunded depending on the amount paid.
  11. External examination fees are paid between 8-10 weeks from the day of your admission once the fee is fully or half paid with receipt issued out, REFUND is not allowed if you decided not to write the external examination or withdraw from the registration.
  12. All payments including tuition and external; registration fees should be paid only to Prudential Bank Ltd Accounts No: 0244000200006 for tuition fees and external registration fees should be paid into Accounts No: 0244000200017 and the payment receipt submitted to the Administration