Airline and other service industries spend large sums of money on marketing and advertising their services with intention of attractingnew customers and retaining existing ones. This money is wasted if staff fail to provide the level of customer service needed to make avital impact on the purchase and repurchase decisions of customers. Competing solely on the basis of product or price is not sufficient

How You Will Benefit

Increasingly, attention to the customer is becoming the criterion by which a company is judged. This course aims to give you the knowledge, skills and customer service attitude to anticipate and respond to the problems, which customers inevitably face.

Designed for:

  • All customer contact staff including:
  • Ticket office, reservations, check-in, traffic, operations baggage service and information desks
  • Cargo reservation and receiving
  • Public relations and sales support personnel
  • Flight attendants

Course Contents:

  • The Marketing Environment
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing strategy & planning
  • Airline Products & Service
  • Airline Pricing
  • Promoting Airline Product
  • Distributing Airline Product & Services
  • Airline alliances and Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Management in practice
  • Computer Reservation

Entry Requirements: GCE O’/A’ Level, SSSCE, WASSCE, and Mature Students

  • Yearly Enrollment:
  • Feb/Mar
  • June/July
  • October

Duration: 6 months